May 2014 – SVA Open Studio Exhibition (Stroud)
Friends and Strangers

May 2017 – SVA Open Studio Exhibition (Nailsworth)
Dialogue between Word and Image

July 2019 – Lansdown Gallery (Stroud)
Outside In(Side) Out

“In the paintings for my exhibition Outside In(Side) Out I try to capture my sensory and emotional responses to a particular place at a specific moment – a place that excites and inspires me in some way. I have developed a process through which I make a series of ‘blind’ monochrome charcoal drawings in situ that express a multi-sensory response to the place. (This means that I don’t look at the drawings as I make them, thus interrupting the critical feedback loop, and allowing a more spontaneous and uncensored act of mark-making to take place). These gestural drawings, together with my memory of the experience, create a starting point, and structure for, the production of abstract oil paintings in the studio. Sometimes the paintings remain true to their origin and sometimes other forms and meanings emerge through the process of painting. My hope is to create paintings that are layered and textured, and that transmits an energy that does justice to my original experience of place, whilst remaining sufficiently ambiguous and abstract in their form to allow the viewer to project and discover their own meanings and forms in the image.”

September 2021 – Woodchester Mansion (Nympsfield) Floating Flaws @ Woodchester Mansion

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